​I never thought I'd be the type of person who'd have their lifestory out for the world to see... but this story of frustration, heartbreak, hope, and determination is the reason why I do something uncomfortable every day.

When I was a little girl, I would always pass by this river on my way to school. It always had garbage floating on it and there was a large factory that would dump waste into the river. Once in a while I'd find little kids playing in the dead river. Sometimes I wondered if they were radioactive, but mostly it made me mad. How could we have let this happen...?

In the search for something more...I left for Canada on my own at 19 years old. I met some amazing friends who showed me one of the most beautiful places on Earth...The Rocky Mountains. For the first time in my life, I was able to drink spring water coming right out of the ground.

For the first time, I was able to drink from the waterfall of a 15,000 year old glacier.

These waters were so clean and pure, and the Canadian Rockies were so pristine and beautiful. I couldn't believe it. I've traveled all over the world and have never experienced anything like this. I honestly thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Having experienced such a drastic difference between my home country and Canada, it became my life's mission to protect the environment and inspire others to live as harmoniously as possible with the planet.

The universe heard my call and presented to me... Earthships.

Earthships are off-grid, self-sufficient homes built partly out of waste like tires, plastic bottles, and popcans. It collects water and energy from the sky, manages it's own waste, grows your food, and provides comfortable living only requiring the occasional winter heating.

I studied, visited, lived, built, and repaired Earthships. It made so much sense...I became obsessed. My lifelong goal is to educate people - rich and poor alike - on a smarter and more sustainable way to live by turning waste into resources. I aim to stage several Earthship builds around the world.

This obsession led me to Solar Energy, where I became an operations manager/solar installer/electrician apprentice. This was also the first 9-5, M-F job I had ever had.

Despite having installed and managed over 500kW of solar projects in 1 year, I was frustrated! I felt like I had barely made a dent towards my environmental goals...and! For the first time in my life, I was working harder and longer hours, and yet I was the poorest I had ever been!!! Not only that, I got sick. Really sick.

Working on roofs in the brutal -25°C Canadian Winter took a huge toll on my health. I was very sick. I did everything I could to get better, but nothing worked. That was until my good friend gave me something that completely changed my life. I left her home 2 hours later no longer wheezing with every breath, my cough and non-stop drippy nose finally stopped, and I had the most energy I've ever had in an entire month.

I was floored!

I went into research mode and found that the science was sound. What it was doing for others towards their health and finances was radically life-changing. I also learned that this was a way for people to stop buying bottled water and toxic cleaning chemicals FOREVER.

This was it! Here was the BEST possible solution for me to pursue my mission. Friends, I cannot build enough Earthships to address the bottled water problem...but what if I could stop ONE person from buying it forever? Not only would that person help the planet, but they would also escape the deadly health consequences of drinking bottled water.

I lost my father to cancer 3 years ago. I was frustrated that I couldn't find a way to help him. He was my mentor, and losing this amazing man to stupid cancer was devastating. After he died, all kinds of healing modalities from physical, spiritual, and mental popped into my life. Had I known what I know now about health, self-healing, and the power of living a happy, healthy life, I honestly think he would still be with me here today.

I do what I do because I never want to go through the pains of losing my loved one to sickness that can be so easily prevented. I never want my heart to break over someone who's life could have been saved.

I wish my father never had to work himself to the grave to support us all. I wish we had the time to get closer together instead of having to wait for him to come home from working so late.

I live my life with fueled purpose, and I achieve these through my network marketing businesses.

I was SCARED to join network marketing. I didn't wanna lose the respect of friends and family. The industry gained a bit of a bad rep from burnt network marketers. Not surprising..considering failure rates are statistically high. However, I really believed in the products. They were SO incredibly powerful and influential that they trumped my passion for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Housing COMBINED. To top it off, here was a business model that would allow me to accelerate further in life and achieve my goals in the most efficient, exponential way than I could have ever possibly imagined. F*ck the naysayers.

Network Marketing was a win on top of a win with a win-cherry on top 🍒

Like most network marketers, I started building my business offline. The best part was meeting and connecting with amazing individuals. The worst part was spending a lot of money, driving all over town, doing too many home demos and stranger prospecting. I quickly found that this was NOT a recipe for time&money freedom like so many uplines promised. It was also exhauuusting to constantly be prospecting people who weren't even be qualified nor interested in what I had to offer. I refused to believe this was a numbers game! It sucks and you know the feels. There had to be a better way, and of course, that was through...

The Internet 🌐

Here was the solution to my problems. Through Attraction Marketing, it became entirely possible to attract quality leads and prospects to you and ask you about your business. Finally, a way to become a true marketer, becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. The dream of having prospects call me with credit card in hand ready to join or buy from my business became as real as Boxing Day Everyday. And the best part? I never left the house.

Say goodbye to build-a-list-of-100-people-you-know to make this work. Say hellooo to building an empire from home. 

​This hyper-inspired go-getter human being has spent countless hours and thousands and thousands of dollars to bring network marketers the concepts, tools, skills, and strategies to turn your dreams into reality.. all in the comforts of your own home. Although this blog is designed for network marketers, whether you are in direct sales, internet marketing, or taking your offline business online...there is value for all who have braved the life of an entrepreneur.

Some of the most important lessons through this journey haven't always been about the skills, but the mindsets to become the best person you can possibly be, so that's why we're tackling it here.

So...if you’re ready for real-life level ups, hit me up and Let's Get Started.

Much love,

Katrina Pablo
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